Lu Yang
‘Electromagnetic Brainology Live’
Powerlong Art Centre

For the grand opening of the Powerlong Art Centre in Hangzhou, Lu Yang presented an upgraded version of her Electromagnetic Brainology Live motion capture performance first presented at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in January 2018. The performance was presented during the opening ceremony of the centre alongside video installations of her work in a group exhibition titled Nine Tomorrows curated by Yao Dajuin.

MetaObjects worked with the Hangzhou China Academy of Art and the virREAL Centre for Art and Technology to develop the project using the OptiTrack motion capture system. Together with Lu Yang and dancer Jin Xin, MetaObjects developed a high energy audiovisual performance with effects, backgrounds and camera movement controlled live by the artist. The choreographed movements of the dancer were mapped live to 3D avatars of Buddhist deities designed by the artist.

In addition to the performance, a video derived from the performance was presented in the exhibition alongside other video works by Lu Yang. The performance was followed by and evening of audiovisual performances with a larges scale digital art exhibition featuring VR, installation, robotic and kinetic artworks by international artists including Elena Knox and Katsumi Watanabe, Victoria Vesna, Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks Research. The exhibition runs from 4 May until 4 August 2018. Read more about the Nine Tomorrows exhibition.

About the artist

Lu Yang is a Shanghai-based artist who creates original and provocative experiences that celebrate the internet and its offer of control over one’s identity, partially liberated from the rigid confines of nationality, gender, and sexuality. Incorporating virtual reality, gaming subcultures, and popular music, Lu Yang’s work is as saturated with manga and anime influences as it is with religion, neurology, and the human body—interested not in the ends or means, but the pursuit of unexplored territory.

Lu Yang graduated with a BA and MA from the New Media Art department of the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. Her work has been featured in exhibitions internationally including Lu Yang: Encephalon Heaven, M WOODS, Beijing (2017), People’s Republic of China Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice (2015), KIMO KAWA CANCER BABY, Rén Space, Shanghai (2014). Notable projects include Delusional Mandala (2015), Kimo Kawa Cancer Baby (2014), Uterus Man (2013), and Wrathful King Kong Core (2011), often in collaboration with performers, designers, experimental composers, and controversial figures such as Mao Sugiyama.