Lu Yang Electromagnetic Brainology Live — Body Tracking Performance

MetaObjects worked together with Shanghai based artist Lu Yang for her Electromagnetic Brainology Live performance for the closing event of the You Me OurSelfies exhibition presented by Videotage at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. The work features her 3D animated figures of Buddhist deities. For the performance, we used HTC Vive trackers to capture the movements of a live hip hop dancer (Ken Chung) to animate the characters. An interface was developed to allow Lu Yang to control the background environments, trigger effects, character costumes and camera movements live. The result was a high energy performance with music and live projection behind the dancer. This was the first demonstration in which we hope to further develop for larger performance stages.

About the artist

Lu Yang (b.1984) is a Shanghai-based multi-media artist who creates fantastical, often morbid visions of death, sexuality (or a-sexuality), mental illness, and neurological constructs of both real lifeforms and deities. Deeply immersed in the subcultures of anime, video games, and sci-fi, Lu Yang taps into the enormous influence of Japanese cultural imports on a particular generation in China (those born in the 1980s) as means for provocative imagination that never fails to fascinate, bewilder, and even enrage her audience. Lu Yang earned two degrees from the new media art department of the China Academy of Arts, and has been featured in important solo and group exhibitions at venues such as the UCCA in Beijing, Centre Pompidou, and DFB Performance Gallery (Chicago), Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Momentum (Berlin), and Tampa Museum of Art. Some of her notable projects include Kimo Kawa Cancer Baby (2014), Uterus Man (2013), and Wrathful King Kong Core (2011), often in collaboration with performers, designers, experimental composers, and controversial figures such as Mao Sugiyama.