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MetaObjects is excited to be working a new ambitious motion capture performance as a collaboration with dancers in Sydney and Hong Kong interacting in a shared virtual environment. The work Doku, The Binary World will explore binaries of heaven and hell, human and animal in a networked performance between Hong Kong's Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District and Sydney Opera House from 7-9 Oct 2022. Join us for a panel discussion Beyond Binaries: Digital Performance in a Post-COVID Era on 28 Sept, 7-9pm HKT at online and at Eaton HK. There will be a free demonstration workshop at Freespace on 8 Oct.

Artistic Director of MetaObjects, Ashley Lee Wong has published a journal article in Screen Bodies, The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology, Iss. 1 Vol. 7 discussing Lu Yang's live motion capture performances and perspectives on artistic practice, Buddhism and digital culture.

We are working on new AR filters for the upcoming Pipilotti Rist exhibition at Tai Kwun (3 Aug-27 Nov 2022). We will also present an AR workshop to local educators to demonstrate the possibilites of using AR for artistic works.

MetaObjects is participating as a mentor for C/O Digital Berlin. Working with artists in the incubator programme: Keiken, Debbie Ding and Ayoung Kim, MetaObjects will be supporting the development of new artworks exploring games and virtural environments that present New Values as the theme.

The Ensembl DAO, conceptualised together with Mao Mollona and Samson Young is featured in the book, Radical Friends: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts, published by Torque Editions.

An interview with MetaObjects by Emily Verla Bovino has been published in Ocula magazine. Read the interview ›


Lu Yang
Live Motion Capture Performance
ACMI Melbourne

Carla Chan
Generative Artwork
Tai Kwun and Frieze New York 2022

M+: Sonic Topologies: Hong Kong
Multi-sensory Installation

New Vision Arts Festival:
Lau Wai and Enoch Cheng
AR and Web Experiences

Liverpool Biennial 2021: The Next Biennial Should Be Curated by a Machine: Experiment AI-TNB

Natalie Lo Lai-Lai: Instagram AR Filter, Youth Square, Chai Wan

Gigant Doku: Lu Yang The Destroyer Garage MCA, Moscow

Yarli Allison: Instagram AR Filter
55 Squared at Tai Kwun

Phoebe Hui: Selena
3D Printed Drawbot

Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts: 360 Video and Audio Workshop

Ensembl: A Blockchain Prototype
DAOWO Sessions

Gordon Cheung: AR App and Instagram Filter

Rachel Monosov: 3D Printed Doorknob

Lu Yang: Delusional World
Virtual Motion Capture Performance

Fashion Asia 2020: Virtual Exhibition

My Body Holds Its Shape: Virtual Gallery Tour

Isaac Chong Wai: 3D Printed Sculpture

University of Melbourne: Motion Capture and Animation Art Hack

Samson Young: Robotic Sound Artwork

Samson Young: 3D Printed Mini-Golf Course

Lu Yang: Game & VR Artwork

Desmond Leung: Art Commission

Wang Xin: PPS Interactive Installation

Clon + NWRMNTC: Live Audiovisual Performance

Open Systems Salon: School of Creative Media

Peter Nelson and Carla Chan: 3D Printing and AR Development

Lu Yang: Dance Dance Revolution Installation

Samson Young: 3D Printed Bumper Car

Lu Yang: Live Motion Capture Performances

M+ Data Design Hackathon

Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts: Video Production

School of Creative Media: VR and Motion Capture Workshops

Samson Young: 3D Printed Scultures, Guggenheim Museum

Wong Kit Yi: Bio Lab and Animation at Art Basel Hong Kong

Samson Young: 3D Printed Sculpture for Venice Biennale

University of Salford Art Collection: VR Gallery

Para Site Art Centre: In Search of Miss Ruthless Exhibition Videos

Sedition: VR Gallery

Museum Concept: 360 Virtual Tour

Emma Elliott: Website and Video Production

Quilla Constance: Website, Video and Photography

Artist Interviews


MetaObjects is a digital studio based in Hong Kong and London.

Formed by Andrew Crowe and Ashley Lee Wong, MetaObjects aims to facilitate digital production with artists and cultural institutions. Working across a range of media, MetaObjects seeks to encourage the sharing of knowledge of new digital tools and processes. Through close collaborations, MetaObjects builds a deep understanding of the possibilities of new technologies to help realize projects to a high standard of production.

Andrew Crowe is a technologist and software engineer with over 20 years commercial experience working in London. He has worked as Principal Developer for a financial company, start-ups and agencies, and applies his skills to a variety of creative projects across VR/AR, 3D printing, motion-capture, audiovisual production, software and web development. He is the studio technician for Samson Young producing large scale 3D printed sculptures for the artist, as well as offering the service to other artists. His technical expertise brings problem-solving and professionalism to tackle complex creative projects.

Ashley Lee Wong is a curator and researcher with over 12 years experience in the art and cultural sector in the UK and Hong Kong. She completed a PhD at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and an MA at Goldsmiths University of London. She has worked in London as Head of Programmes and Operations at Sedition, the online platform for distributing digital limited editions by contemporary artists. Her unique experience gives her deep insight into the international developments and opportunities for artists working in art and technology.

What We Do

MetaObjects provides a wide range of services in close collaboration with our artists and cultural partners. We're always open to exploring new creative and technical challenges.

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