MetaObjects on 3D Hubs

MetaObjects has offered our 3D printer on 3D Hubs, a peer to peer 3D printing services platform, for nearly three years. During this time we fulfilled over 120 orders and have earned the title of professional 5 star hub. We shared our experience of 3D printing in an article online in Home 3D Printing: Economics & Learnings, where we nearly covered the upfront costs of purchasing a Formlabs Form 1+ SLA printer by providing services for others.

On our hub, we offer prints in a variety of resins including white, clear, tough and black. We are happy to consult on and help refine 3D models to make them suitable for printing. We can recommend other 3D printing process if the model is not suitable for our printer. We’ve also developed a technique using a 3D printed mould to create food-grade silicon objects.

Find us on 3D Hubs to learn more about our services: