Desmond Leung
Art Commission
Wheelock Properties

MetaObjects was approached by Wheelock Properties to commission an artist to create three video art pieces for a large LED wall to be installed in seaside residential development in Hong Kong. Under the theme of water, the work of Desmond Leung was selected for the commission by the curatorial advice of MetaObjects. Three 4K video pieces were created, customized for display on a display spanning 7.5m wide x 2.5m tall.

Leung uses his own technique to create abstract moving-image paintings to provide a window into the building’s waterside garden. The works create a sense of natural beauty through different perceptions of light and time throughout a day. Through the works, visitors are able to experience different emotions, atmosphere, rhythms and colours of an abstract scenery accompanied by the ambient sounds of nature.

The Dawn of Garden, 4K video, 01:04, 2019
Afternoon Bloom, 4K video, 01:03, 2019
Waterfall Under The Moon, 4K video, 01:10, 2019

About the artist

Desmond Leung (梁嘉昊) explores contemporary visual language and meaning by merging the mediums of traditional abstract painting, moving image, digital sculpture and cross reality (XR) into a multi-dimensional art form. Through his work, Leung attempts to develop a contemporary holistic art practice, which intertwines energy, nature, a mindful aesthetic and technology into new visual language. Leung has been exhibited internationally in Floating Memory, solo exhibition, Switzerland, 2019; Vienna Design Week, 2018; HKAGA Art Symposium, Art Central, Hong Kong, 2018; Elle Decor, Milan, 2016; CHANEL Digital Art Program, worldwide, 2012; Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, 2005; and others. Leung is an honouree of Perspective’s 40 Under 40 Awards 2014 in the Art category.