Gigant Doku: Lu Yang The Destroyer
Hybrid Motion Capture Performance
Garage MCA, Moscow

In May 2021, we presented a live motion capture performance, Gigant Doku: Lu Yang The Destroyer at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. The performance was live streamed on the Garage MCA YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as presented to audiences on-site as a hybrid event. The work features Doku, a non-binary digital reincarnation of Lu Yang, which is short for Dokusho Dokushi meaning “We are born alone, and we die alone,” as we are of our own creation in our journey through life and transcendence in Buddhism.

This performance included rigging the new Doku avatar with hyper-realistic facial and hair effects, where facial tracking was used with an off-screen actor. A new city environment was developed where the giant Doku could destroy buildings in the scene, turning them into burning piles of rubble. New camera views were developed from inside buildings, on the ground on mobile phones from pedestrian views, from inside helicopters, cars and boats on the water etc. New visual effects were added including eye lasers, and darkening of the sky, lighting and meteor showers. Rokoko motion capture suits were used by Russian dancers Banzay BNZ and Nikita Belykh alongside DJ sets by Moa Pillar and HMOT. The Garage team supported the production on-site with remote development by Lu Yang and MetaObjects.

On 12 August 2021, MetaObjects presented an artist talk together with Lu Yang, dancer Banzay BNZ and musician Stas Sharifullin (HMOT) livestreamed on GarageMCA YouTube.

About the artist

Lu Yang is a Shanghai-based artist who works across a variety of media including video, installation, animation, performance, motion-capture and games. Through her work, the artist explores existential issues about the nature of life through references in Chinese medicine, Buddhism and Japanese manga. Through navigating diverse fields from science, religion, psychology, neuroscience, medicine, games, popular culture and dance music, Lu Yang questions the belief that human control is privileged within the universe. Instead, she highlights the biological and material determinants of our condition, reminding us of our transient and fragile existence.

Lu Yang graduated with a BA and MA from the New Media Art department of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where she is currently pursuing a PhD. Lu Yang’s works have been exhibited internationally in group shows, including the Kulturforum (Berlin), UCCA (Beijing), Centre Pompidou (Paris), 56th Venice Biennale 2015 China Pavilion, 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Liverpool Biennial 2016, Shanghai Biennale 2012, Montreal International Digital Art Biennial 2016, Musée d’art contemporain of Lyon, Momentum (Berlin), Tampa Museum of Art, The 5th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale and others. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions, including at Tokyo Spiral, M Woods Museum (Beijing), MOCA Cleveland, UCCA (Beijing) and others. In 2019, she was selected the BMW Art Journey winner to create a new ambitious motion-capture work. Lu Yang is represented by the gallery Société in Berlin.