University of Salford Art Collection
‘What’s In Store’
VR Gallery

For the University of Salford Art Collection, MetaObjects produced a VR gallery prototype for their exhibition What’s In Store? at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery in Manchester. The prototype was developed in collaboration with a healthcare start-up ArtSeeCare, which seeks to bring art to people in hospitals through VR. Access to art has been shown to improve clinical outcome of patients. Since the university does not have a permanent exhibition space to showcase the works in their collection, they were keen to explore the possibilities of new technologies to create a virtual archive of the exhibition, to enable people to experience the works when the show is no longer displayed. MetaObjects modelled their exhibition space to scale to create a real-time, navigable 3D environment. High resolution images of each artwork were mounted on the walls, along with several video works, which would play as the user approached the work.

The exhibition featured renowned contemporary artists including: AAAJIAO, Albert Adams, Claudia Alonso, Maurice Carlin, Li Binyuan with Steve Wade, Patrick Caulfield, Cao Fei, Hang Fen, Louise Giovanelli, Kip Gresham, Sarah Hardacre, Mishka Henner, Matthew Houlding, Patrick Hughes, Gary Hume, Lizzie King & Craig Tattersall, L.S. Lowry, Rachel Maclean, Christian Marclay, Alfonzo Padilla, Jai Redman, Bridget Riley, Harold Riley, Liam Spencer, Thomson and Craighead, Adolphe Valette, Annie Lai Kuen Wan, Liam Young, Chou Yu-Cheng.

The exhibition was on display from 20 May until 19 November 2017.